Sponsorship Program

The Sponsorship Program at Christian Family, Learning Center is a specific way for friends, family and members of the community to financially support the growth and development of the school.


The sponsorship donations provide the students with opportunities which would otherwise not be available including: Science camp, robotics, field trips, play structure, sports court, computer lab, outdoor education day, cotillion and Age Of Sale. 

Sponsorship begins with a gift of $250 or more  annually. Another option is a monthly gift in varying amounts. Click on the buttons above for more details. 

With this program, sponsors are recognized in a number of ways. These include a sponsorship dinner, acknowledgment on the website, in the annual yearbook and the Christmas Play program. Sponsors can also remain anonymous.

The Sponsorship funds can be designated for:

  • Greatest Need
  • Scholarships

  • Any expenditure approved by the CFLC Board. 

For more information on how you can become a sponsor of Christian Family Learning Center, contact the school (209)736-1175.



Mrs. Jean Apley

Doris M. Barger

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Butler

David Bowman and Gloria Miller

Big Trees Community Bible Church

Cory and Nicole Burnell

Janet A. Cuslidge

Capts. Kathleen and Frederick Dodge

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Douglas

Mike and Diane Fullaway

Greg and Monica Glaser

Robert and Robin Griffiths

Victor Hampel

Grover Family Trust

Kautz Farms

Gary and Mary Kimura

Theresa Loving

Magdalena Loving

George and Janet Markoe

Douglas Nielsen

Elaine Peters

Dan and Jeanne Pinnell

Allan and Kerry Ramorini

Doug and Monica Tribble

David and Tracy Stark

Lawrence and Raymonda Thompson

Ryan Thompson, M.D.

James Tower

Forrest and Pat Turner

Bruce and Karen Whittle

And many others who wish to remain anonymous